April 20, 2018 - 10:15am -- wisda.3

On Saturday, May 5, we will be holding our second Quality Assurance for the 2018 4-H year. Other dates include: Sunday, June 10, and Tuesday, July 24. To show at the Ohio Sate Fair, QA must be done before June 11, 2018 and to show at the Wyandot County Fair it must be done before July 30, 2018. Exhibitors who complete QA anywhere other than Wyandot County must present "proof of training for 2018" to the OSU Wyandot County Extension office before July 24, 2018.

Wyandot County Junior Fair market projects that require QA training are:


  • Market beef: heifer/steer
  • Market poultry and eggs
  • Market dairy steer
  • Beef feeder calves
  • Market swine
  • Dairy feeder calves
  • Market lambs
  • All dairy cows and heifers
  • Market goats
  • Market rabbits
  • Goats: All breeding does-both dairy and meat breeds