Dear Potential 4-H Volunteer:

We welcome your interest in becoming a volunteer with the Ohio State University Extension, Wyandot County 4-H Youth Development program. 4-H volunteers work directly with young people in teaching, mentoring, and advising situations. Therefore, we take the role of selecting volunteers very seriously. The steps to apply to become a volunteer are outlined below.

Step 1: Application Form, Standards of Behavior Form, & Volunteer Enrollment Form

Obtain and complete the written volunteer application form, Standards of Behavior form and the Volunteer Enrollment form. Return these forms to the OSU Extension, Wyandot County Office.

Step 2: Interview

Schedule an interview with the Wyandot County 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator. Daytime and evening times are possible. Allow 45-60 minutes for this interview. It is your responsibility to call and make an appointment for this interview. If you have difficulty finding time to schedule this, consider carefully whether you have time to commit to being a 4-H volunteer. This interview will be an opportunity for you to learn about the roll and expectations of adult 4-H volunteers, and for us to learn about your interests and talents that may relate to 4-H projects and programs. Bring any questions you have at this time.

Step 4: Background Check

Upon completion of the interview, information will be emailed to you about the process of getting your background check and fingerprints.

Step 5: Attend Volunteer Training Session

You will be required to attend one volunteer update session at the onset of your position which will include a segment on child abuse and neglect ( Policy 1.50) required by The Ohio State University. Please ask for the training session times for 2018.

Thank you for your interest in the 4-H program. We hope to receive your application in the near future. If you have any questions, please contact the OSU Extension Office, Wyandot County.

 4-H Adult Volunteer Enrollment Packet