If You Like…

Fun. . .
Having a good time with others and feeling good about yourself

Friends. . .
Sharing what you know with your friends, meeting new people, and making new friends that will last a lifetime

Exploring. . .
Trying new interests- from cooking to caring for animals; or sewing, theater, woodworking, photography, rockets or many other projects

Learning. . .
Understanding new and exciting things, learning by doing, and assuming new responsibilities

Caring. . .
Helping others and having
others care about you

4-H Is For You!



Easy Steps to Joining Wyandot County 4-H: 

1. Check out the on-line Family Guide (Click Here) or pick one up from the Extension Office located at 109 South Sandusky Ave, Room 16 Upper Sandusky, Oh 43351.

2. Review your Family Guide and decide what types of projects interest you. 

3. Call the Wyandot County Extension Office 419-294-4931 for clubs near you and that have projects with your same interest.  

4. Enrollment deadline to join Wyandot County 4-H for 2020 is April 1st. 

For additional information, Call 419-294-4931 or Email Wyandot County Extension Educator Andrea Cole @ cole.616@osu.edu

Download the Wyandot County 4-H new member request information form here.