The Wyandot County 4-H Endowment was established in the mid 1970’s combining the 4-H Scholarship Endowment and 4-H Program Endowment into one.

The purpose is to provide post-high school academic scholarships and 4-H program support. We have monies invested both locally at three Wyandot County banks and through The Ohio State University. This year we were able to provide $7,400 in scholarships through the use of interest income and other designated funds raised. To date we have been able to provide nearly $109,400 to 271 Wyandot County 4-H members. In 2018, the Wyandot County 4-H Endowment provided seven scholarships for post-high school education, and two scholarships for Washington Citizenship trips.


Wyandot County 4-H is touching the lives of over 574 young people enrolled in our practical education programs. These youth are learning values that will make their work, play, learning, lives and community leadership successful. We appreciate the encouragement you have given through your support, which will help them become more productive, responsible and contributing members of society.

The Wyandot County 4-H Endowment Committee consists of the following individuals who meet monthly:

Andrea Cole                     Katie Fitzgerald                  Diane Wisda   

Elaine Tschanen               Dawn Kidwell                     Karen Humphrey           

Doug Kelly                        Earl Kidwell                        Laura Wines

Joy Bils                             Kayla Weaver                    Nicole Swavel


You Can Help!

Contributions can be made to the Wyandot County 4-H Endowment Fund.

4-H Endowment Contribution Form