The Wyandot County Regional Planning Commission is made up of nine at-large representatives from the townships, a representative from the Board of Commissioners, the Public Health Commissioner, Soil and Water Conservation District, the County Engineer's office, and an Extension Educator.  In addition, two citizen representatives serve on the commission.

The scope of the responsibilities of the planning commission is spelled out in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC).  The commission is guided by the Wyandot County Subdivision Regulations in the course of their duties on the commission.

The purpose of regional planning regulations is to ensure that proposed lots in Wyandot County have access to suitable roads, to sanitary services or are able to support sewage treatment systems, and have adequate access for utilities.  A set of regulations governing how land is divided in a county gives the property owner confidence that they have the full intended use of that property.

Please visit the Wyandot County Engineer's website for all Wyandot County Regional Planning forms and documents.